With encouragement from a snarky barista, leather-clad lesbian Laurie  battles her inner marshmallow to pursue Suzanne, the attractive blind woman in the coffee shop lineup, and ask for a date.  But Suzanne has her own inner voice to silence, too…

A short film written by Tina McCulloch.

Produced by PJ Hammond and Tina McCulloch.

Directed by PJ Hammond.

Cinematographer: Michael Jari Davidson.

Music by Michelle McKibbon.

Edited by Patricia Chica.

Filming in Toronto, fall 2014.

LAURIE:  Angela Asher.  SUZANNE:  Jen Neales.

Photo credit: PJ Hammond.  Hand models: Tina McCulloch (left), Tabitha Keast (right).  Cappuccino from Crema Coffee Co. (508 Danforth Ave., Toronto)



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