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As of this posting, the countdown on our Indiegogo campaign says we have 30 more hours.

We wanted to raise $5000 to fund the post-production of our short film Aloud. Well, we’re not going to make that goal. But you know what? It’s OK. We’ve had donations from surprising sources, supporters have been vocal and helpful, and the film will get finished no matter what.

We are proud of the work we did behind the scenes to get it this far, and very proud and delighted with what is visible onscreen in the actors’ performances. When Aloud is finished and submitted to film festivals, and we receive our first acceptance, there will be much crying, squee-ing, hugging, and quite possibly some happy dancing.

Nothing to do with

Nothing to do with “Aloud”! Actor Hartley Jafine (with whom we worked in August on a stage production) is pictured in front of an appropriate sign in the theatre. Photo: PJ Hammond

Don’t judge: this is new to us.

For anyone who just found out about the campaign too late to donate via Indiegogo, you’re totally welcome to e-mail us at aloudtheshort@gmail.com and we’ll be glad to accept your cheque and your support!   You will still have our very grateful thanks, your name in the film credits, and your pick of any unclaimed Indiegogo perks. Good deal, huh?