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Got a favour to ask.  Go to our Indiegogo campaign page, http://igg.me/at/aloudtheshort (before it ends on Saturday).  Watch the trailer, if you haven’t already.  Scroll down to the written text, the blah-blah where we talk about the project, and how we spent the budget.   Aloud - slate 1J

Did you notice the part where we mention that our production company, L&S Productions, is named after the characters in Aloud – Laurie and Suzanne?

You see, the 10-minute short film Aloud is not intended to be a one-off.   After Laurie and Suzanne meet in that coffee shop, they have a whole series of adventures in their lives together.   There are currently 7 chapters or episodes of those adventures, in various stages of completion.  Do you see where we’re going with this?

Can you say F-E-A-T-U-R-E?

Director/producer PJ Hammond has instructed writer/producer Tina McCulloch that she is “going into seclusion” in a few weeks to finish the stories and whip them into a feature screenplay.  No pressure.

Aloud is going to be our calling card.  That’s what you’re contributing towards: a future for the life of this project and these characters.  We need a little bit of money that will enable us to ask for a lot of money from someone else.

And don’t forget, the perk for a donation of $100 will get you invited to the special cast and crew screening of Aloud.  And maybe next time, it will be on the big screen and you can say “I was there in the beginning”.