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From Aloud director PJ Hammond:

Davida Gragor was a little gift for us on set.  She advised us on some production procedures – we ignored her.  And then she came, and dealt with our set-up with a smile!

Tools of her trade: Davida's makeup brushes. - Dahlia Katz Photography

Tools of her trade: Davida’s makeup brushes.
– Dahlia Katz Photography

Truly, I didn’t understand the importance of hair and makeup.  And I don’t think I even got it while we were shooting.  It is only now that I look at the footage, and it strikes me how beautiful the actors all look.  Not like beauty queens, but definition to their eyes and even skin tones and NOT A DROP OF SWEAT IN SIGHT.  That in itself is a feat.

With the AC off because of noise, it was easily 30 degrees in The Coffee Shop.  Our cast and crew carried on without complaint, and Davida powdered liberally and often.

Without her, they would have all looked like me.  After a bike ride.  In the hot of July.  Messy.

All my thanks go to Davida.


Davida has been making people “beautiful” or “bruised” for the past 14 years. She started as an assistant makeup artist on feature films, and was key-ing her first movie at age 17.

Credits include Bruce McDonald’s zombie feature Pontypool, and various short films, music videos and commercials. Although calling herself a “semi-retired” makeup artist, she still works on fashion shows, and is an Independent Consultant for Arbonne.