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Our Facebook page is a flurry of “video hugs”. We fell behind in recording and posting this perk for donors to our Indiegogo campaign, but are catching up! More to come, but check out the page for our virtual hugs to Seema Lakhani, Jessica Katz, Suzanne Courtney, Siobhán Dungan, and Alison Beavis. https://www.facebook.com/aloudtheshortfilm?fref=ts

They all donated to the campaign to fund post-production for AloudAloud - Ron LeachThe latest campaign update talks about talent, and offers a special, unlisted perk to one lucky donor of $200: a real-life coffee date with renowned acting coach/casting director/film producer/film director Ron Leach. When asked if he would be willing to be a ‘perk’ in our campaign, Ron – who with Evert Houston, founded the screenplay development series Queer Ideas, where Aloud got its start – responded, “Go ahead, pimp me out!”