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On a film with a big budget, the ‘look’ of a location is the job of the Art Department. Which, depending on the scope of the project, could be one person or a whole team. Aloud didn’t have a big budget or an Art Department. We had a pair of producers who were determined to shoot in a *real* coffee shop, and from past experience, knew that said location could not be on a subway or streetcar line, due to noise issues that would make sound recording problematic.

*Not* Laura Vincent's art.  This picture is displayed at The Coffee Shop where "Aloud" was shot.

*Not* Laura Vincent’s art. This picture is displayed at The Coffee Shop where “Aloud” was shot.

How hard could it be to find a coffee shop with those specifications – and an accommodating owner – in a big city like Toronto? Surprisingly difficult, as it turned out! It took about a year and a half before we finally nailed down The Coffee Shop, but that location turned out to be almost perfect in more than its name. And no set dressing was required!

But if you would like to see the final result in our short film, that lovely raw footage (shot by Michael Jari Davidson) and raw sound (recorded by Beni Harper) needs to be edited; music and titles added, etc. The Indiegogo campaign to fund those post-production costs has another month to go.

For a $150 donation, the special (unlisted) perk is an original, one-of-a-kind painting by actor Laura Vincent (she plays Kai, the head barista in Aloud), who is also a skilled artist. Check out the Updates tab on our Indiegogo campaign in this link.