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Music is an important part of any film, even a short one like Aloud. It has to convey (or lead the audience to) the mood without being obtrusive, while still remaining memorable. We are lucky to have Michelle McKibbon and Mitch Girio on board for this project.

THE PAPER CHAIN GANG is a musical collective who write in a variety of styles and genres, depending on their mood, the weather and what they ate for lunch. Formed by Mitch Girio and Michelle McKibbon, members fluctuate and usually participate in various other groups as well as solo projects.

MITCH GIRIO is a Toronto-based producer/musician whose interest in production began with his first band, King Apparatus. He’s produced, engineered and mixed albums for over 20 years with projects ranging from folk roots, Jamaican rocksteady, pop/punk to RnB and music for film and TV.  Among these were CDs by local luminaries Nathan Lawr, Tamara Williamson, Barzin and Morgan Doctor. Girio has also contributed as a composer on releases by such artists as Alcona, The Kingpins, Kirsten Jones and Lo & The Magnetics.

MICHELLE McKIBBON is a singer/songwriter whose mish-mash of influences are evident in her writing which runs from sunshine and blue skies all the way to heartbreak. She was raised on country music, classically trained and then studied Jazz at Humber College.  Her music has recently been heard on the Netflix show Hemlock Grove and the ABC-TV series Mistresses.





To receive a limited edition CD of 4 original songs by The Paper Chain Gang, check out our Indiegogo campaign update for August 7!  http://igg.me/at/aloudtheshort