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Aloud - slate 1J

– Dahlia Katz Photography

Most film projects seek crowdfunding to get them started. Well, we skipped that step. Aloud’s producers kept the project small, and managed to finance all the costs of actual production themselves. Yahoo! And now comes the next step. We’ve got all this beautiful raw footage – images captured by the amazing Michael Jari Davidson, and dialogue recorded by Beni Harper – but that’s all it is at the moment: raw. To turn it into a film, we need a picture editor, a sound editor, a sound designer/mixer (to add the sound effects of a coffee shop), music, and titles & credits. And then we want to take our baby – all 10 glorious minutes of it – out into the world via film festivals, broadcast, and internet. Want to help? Check out our Indiegogo campaign: http://igg.me/at/aloudtheshort

$20 would help. $50 would be great.  $75 – we’d love you.  $100- we’d love you lots. $500 – we’d love you so much, we’ll name you Associate Producer!

The Coffee Shop door. Photo:  Dahlia Katz Photography

The Coffee Shop door.
Photo: Dahlia Katz Photography

And did you see those perks? There might just be something there that you’d like…