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Yes, it’s been a long hiatus.

No, we didn’t get the funding grant last year.

Three locations fell through.

The scope of the project has swelled, then shrunk, and now kinda stretched sideways. Plans… we have big plans…

But the great news is:  Aloud is now raring to go!

Aloud-blood typeWe have finally landed the perfect location, and it’s called – wait for it! – The Coffee Shop. Yes, that’s the name. We’ll be shooting there for two days in mid-July 2015 (for the record, that’s nearly two years since the screenplay was written). Director of Photography Michael Jari Davidson, who’s been attached to this script for over a year, has some innovative ideas to make the magic happen. Ace sound recordist Beni Harper comes highly recommended by a trusted friend. Makeup artist Davida Gragor will keep our actors looking lovely.

CAST: Shannon McDonough as Laurie

Jen Neales as Suzanne

Laura Vincent as Kai

Chris Whidden as Barista

And next week, we’ll have the first table read with our cast. Director/producer PJ Hammond and screenwriter/producer Tina McCulloch have both threatened to cry.  Cannot wait.