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Still waiting for news on funding – no word expected until late August at the earliest – but have some news to report from one of our team members.

Aloud composer Michelle McKibbon has recently scored two song placements in popular TV series!  The trad-country tune “Bury My Heart” (lead vocals by Michelle’s co-writer/producer partner Mitch Girio – together they are The Paper Chain Gang) was featured in the July 11 episode of Netflix series Hemlock Grove.   And at 10pm tonight, tune in to Mistresses on ABC and hear their quirky pop ditty “The La La Song (It’s A Beautiful Day)”, with vocals by Michelle.



AMENDMENT: The episode of Mistresses originally scheduled to air on July 28 was bumped in favour of a 2-hr long Bachelorette.  The episode of Mistresses will now air on Monday August 4.