It’s in!! With much help, advice and feedback from our mentor Patricia Chica and film-savvy friend Michale Raske, we submitted our application for BravoFACT funding of Aloud on June 6, 2014.  PJ pressed “Send” on the e-mail at 2:09 pm.   And now it will be a long wait to find out if we are approved:  the jury decision won’t be announced for 3 months.

A late development that came to light when we were in the final stages of preparing the application:  Patricia was no longer eligible (per new rule as of January) to be our director, since she had already directed the maximum number of BravoFACT projects.  She will still be our editor and mentor, and PJ Hammond will be doing double duty as producer AND director!

So here’s what our team looks like at the moment:

Writer/Producer:  Tina McCulloch

Director/Producer:  PJ Hammond

DoP:  Michael Jari Davidson

Editor/Mentor:  Patricia Chica

Music:  Michelle McKibbon

LAURIE:  Angela Asher

SUZANNE:  Jen Neales

One speaking role, one SOC role, and a bunch of extras still to be cast.  Rest of crew still to be confirmed.

September seems like a loooong way off, doesn’t it?